About Sugar

Russ Holland
Founder, Owner, Senior Designer

Our illustrious founder and owner, Russ began his career in Chicago and Atlanta, where he established Hothead studio and worked with the MTV, Paramount, and Turner Broadcasting, among others, before relocating with his wife to Springfield in 2003 and building the Sugar Design team. The rest is history. He still finds time to skateboard and snowboard with his two kids, and welds metal junk in his garage to make art.

Favorite story he likes to casually drop: once had beers with Joey Ramone.

Nate Remington
Project Manager

Nate has never met a spreadsheet he doesn’t want to play with or a process he doesn’t want to tune (like, for fun). Client relations, budgeting, administration, and project management are the things he does. As former Navy (shout out to USS Kinkaid), he still enjoys reading about old boats like he’s Ron Swanson. When he’s not here he’s hiking somewhere with his dog or playing board games.

Favorite procrastination method: asking Colin what is and is not Star Wars “canon”.

Colin Baker
Designer and Developer

Colin came to us already an easy-going team player. His curiosity and drive for keeping pace with new tools means he handles creative design, photography, animations, and web development with casual aplomb. He brews his own beer in his laundry room and his capacity for Star Wars factoids is infinite.

Favorite Jedi you’ve never heard of: Quinlan Vos! No, Aayla Secura! No… Kit Fisto!

Kellin Townsend

Kellin’s eye for the tiniest details in her own work and in the feedback she gives to others, even at our highest volumes of workload, makes her an invaluable part of this staff. When she says it’s good, we know it’s finished. When she’s not here she’s probably camping at a music festival or being sad about something her dog Bodhi destroyed. Reigning intra-office bean bag champion.

Song she removes from the office Spotify playlist every time Colin/Nate add it): “You’ve Got the Touch” from 1986’s Transformers: The Movie

Kylie Green

Kylie is our newest designer who already has several logos for new businesses under her belt. We love her tireless, positive attitude. She can get so excited that she stops forming coherent words. She’s also better at social media than just about anyone.

Here is a partial list of pop culture references that Kylie hasn’t understood: Marty McFly from Back to the Future, “Life finds a way” from Jurassic Park, anything Star Wars, and now (after reviewing these bios) The Ramones. She has (proudly) never eaten a Hot Pocket.

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