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Drury University called on us to design their web-based President’s Report in 2012. Our mission was to pack a great year into a single website design that would show stats, achievements, and a letter from the President of the university to its alumni and friends. We incorporated interactive elements for a report that is informative, as well as engaging. The reports are heavy in multimedia, so we added clean, modern touches to the site. As a result, the readers can explore all of the available options without being overwhelmed. The 2012 worked out so well, that we ended up doing three more, all the way through 2015!
The Thrive wellness program was created by students to encourage healthy practices on campus. We wanted to create a logo for the program showed health. We tried to create a logo that expressed the clean, fresh, and universal attitude that the program encouraged.

Project Details

Date: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Client: Drury University
Scope: Branding, Web

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