Crative | Umbrella Brand

About Project

This out-of-the-box entrepreneur client needed an umbrella brand that would tie together his product lines. He had a wide variety of products including: Holiday MooseMugs, MadChef, and MyTrendz knitting kits. We focused on his concept of fun and adventure in a crate that ships to the customer’s door. The concept we landed on was Crative: Creativity in a Crate. Crative kits challenge customers to pick up a new skill and make their own magic. We created a brand that that is as fun and innovative as the ideas of our client.


Mad Chef

Mad Chef DIY kits not only teach you how to be a chef, giving you recipes and ingredients to create delicious outcomes, but they also give you reasons to bring people together. Fun, friends, and mouthwatering food is what this brand is all about, and this is the feel we’ve given to the logos, packaging, and all materials in the box.



For this line of of DIY fashion kits for young girls, we landed on the concept of MyTrendz. MyTrendz gives you everything you need to create fashion trends of your own, while teaching you a new skill. We demonstrated the fun, creative nature of the brand through the logo, using bright colors and segmenting the letters, which reflect the components of the kit that will be put together for a finished product.


Knit Chic

Knit Chic kits by MyTrendz come with all the tools you need to create your own, wearable, knitted fashion trends while learning to knit all in one box. We knew this packaging had to be reflective of the fun inside, so we created a playful logo and bright packaging that would stand out on the shelves among its competitors.


Holiday Moose Mugs

For a product as fun and charming as Holiday Moose Mugs, we wanted to create a package design that would stand out to customers among the hussle and bussle of Christmas shopping. The light-hearted, whimsical packaging is a perfect fit for these classic cups.

Project Details

Date: 2015 – continuing
Client: Crative
Scope: Branding, Print, Packaging

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